Rotary Unions

Pressure Media: Mineral Oil, Hydraulic Oil, biologically degradable Thermo Oil (up to 600 °C), Water, Emulsions, Air,

                                      Steam, Gas (also heated up to 200 °C), Low-Temperature Media, Aggressive Media, Food

                                      Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products, Solids (f. e. Granulates), Contaminated Gases (Vacuum)

Speed: The maximum speed depends on the technical application and the diameter. Speed hermetically tight up to 30

                 m/sec Speed labyrinth ∞

Pressure Range: up to 800 bar

Vacuum: up to Pa 10-10-6

Maximum Diameter: 1600 mm

Inlet: radial, axial, combined

Outlet: radial, axial, combined

Materials and Coating Systems: are adjusted to the single applicaton

Temperature Range: -100 °C up to +600 °C

Torque Transmissions: Flange, Thread, Special Constructions

Standard Bearing: Deep grove ball bearing, Thrust bearing, Sliding bearing, High-grade coal bearing resistant against

                                           chemicals and food

Slip ring Transmitter: Current Power up to 20.000 Ampere per Phase, Alternative and Direct                                                                                                  Current, Bus Systems, Sensors  

Compatible thereto, HERE you can find our established slipring transmitter.

Applications Examples