Hydraulic Cylinders

Cylinder types: single-acting, double-acting, telescopic cylinders, telescopic cylinders with double action

Diameter: max. 1600 mm

Stroke length: up to 50 m

Operating pressure: 800 bar standard / 6000 bar special constructions

Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, red brass, synthetic materials etc.

Temperature ranges: -60°C up to +280°C

External pressure ranges: up to 600 bar

Pressure media: mineral oil, biodegradable hydraulic oil, thermo oil up to 600 °C, water,  emulsions, air, steam, gas            

                                      also heated up to 200 °C), low temperature media, aggressive media

Movement speed: up to 30 m/sec

Mounting types: bearing, flange, foot mounting, internal/external screw thread, swivel head etc

Coatings: hard-chrome, ceramic coatings, hard-metall coatings, nitrided

Classifications: Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, DNV, Luftfahrt, Bergbau, Schwermaschinenbau,                                                                             Stahlwasserbau, DIN19704 und DIN19705

Applications Examples: