We have got the knack...

Rotary union for most extreme applications – high speed starting from 3000 U/min, most minimal friction, integrated valves or unusual media


Slipring transmitter...

 Electrical signal transmission from high voltage current to BUS-System, clocked or high speeds, also with free inner diameter up to 1000 mm

Pressure- and vacuum rotary union...

 combined with slipring used for aerospace technology

Mammoth rotary union...

Case example:

Speed: 60 rpm

Free inner diameter: 750 mm 

Material: made of forged stainless steel

Subsea Cylinder with integrated gas filled shock absorber...

 G Force: more than 300 m/s 2

Force: 50 kN 

max. operating depth: 2500 m

Control block functions: check valve, speed control, overpressure control


  • drive motor
  • rotary union
  • slipring

compatible to your attachment system